DJ Sbu Addresses Penuel’s Gatekeeper Claims Against MacG

DJ Sbu has addressed the claims by the host of The Penuel Show, Penuel, that his fellow podcaster MacG of Podcast and Chill was gatekeeping the podcast industry and not promoting others. His claims generated mixed reactions at the time, with some tweeps supporting him and others lambasting him for it.

Well, it turns out that DJ Sbu did not share Penuel’s view of MacG. He believes that MacG does his stuff without necessarily standing in the way of others who might decide to delve into the podcasting universe. But then, people are entitled to their opinions – true or false.

By the way.DJ Sbu recently announced that he plans to go back to commercial radio after his Fired FM project with his friends failed. The radio DJ and his pals Euphonik, Tbo Touch, and DJ Fresh had planned to establish a radio station called Fired FM because all of them were fired from their presenting jobs at some point.

After all the initial excitement, the project did not eventually take off. So when DJ Sbu mentioned it in passing again, it elicited laughter from sections of the public, with some joking that “hunger is real.” Well, as the saying goes, life goes on.

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