DJ Sbu Celebrates Mofaya Finally Making It To The Shelves Of Shoprite Checkers

South African entrepreneur DJ Sbu had finally gotten his MoFaya energy drink on the shelves of Shoprite Checkers, one of the top shopping malls in South Africa.

It was one deal the MoFaya boss has been looking forward to, and now that he has sealed it, she couldn’t be happier. All appears set for the brand to get more visibility via the Checkers retail line.

In a recent tweet on his official Twitter page, DJ Sbu had shared a snap of him holding a can of MoFaya energy drink over a Shoprite Checkkers background. He appeared pleased with himself. He should be, given the message he shared in the caption.

Apparently, he had been trying to get the brand on the shelves of Shoprite Checkers for the past nine years, but he hadn’t been successful. But he has finally scaled that wall, and excitement has consumed him, you can check out his post below.

DJ Sbu fancies himself as not just a musician and entrepreneur but a hustler – a person looking for every legit avenue to make good money. Not surprisingly, he saw nothing wrong to hop on a plane and market MoFaya to the passengers on board. Can you beat that?

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