DJ Sbu Defends His Shabby Looks

House music DJ and radio star DJ Sbu has defended his shabby looks and revealed he’s on a spiritual journey.

Everyone celeb in Mzansi right now seems to either be on a spiritual journey or are becoming Sangomas. It’s all we have seen in the news lately.

For some time now, DJ Sbu has been heavily criticized by social media users for his unconventional looks. Last year, the DJ was slammed for looking dirty and unkempt. His clothes were messy, and his beard and dreads were unkempt. However, he has either defended his looks or ignored the criticism.

After recently getting blasted for hugging trees, walking barefoot, and continuing to look homeless, the House music hitmaker and radio presenter has finally spoken out. He said, “It’s a decision that has been inspired by the spiritual journey that I’ve been going through.” He also said he feels more comfortable in his natural state.


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