DJ Sbu Enters Guinness Book Of World Records For Longest Marathon Radio Show

South African disc jockey and producer DJ Sbu has just entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest music radio show in the world.

The songster had pitched for the record and been accepted to take a shot at it. The result was 216 hours of nonstop music, to raise funds for Siyazigabisa Home of Hope, a home for vulnerable, neglected and abused children. The home has been in operation since 1997.

DJ Sbu shared news of his latest win via Instagram, letting the world know he is thankful for the experience, as well as his purpose in aiming for the world record. He shared a collage of him and his pals displaying his record.

One of the images had Black Coffee, easily South Africa’s most famous disc jockey, to DJ Sbu’s side. You can check out the collage below.

DJ Sbu, who is also a famous entrepreneur, readily calls himself a hustler – a champ able to spot opportunities and milk them while others are still searching and not seeing anything. He once told a tale of how he gained access into an exclusive gym in the United States, without paying a cent, simply by strutting in with dignity.

Can you beat that?

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