DJ Sbu Hands Out MoFaya Energy Drinks On Voting Day

Mzansi hit maker, and businessman, hands out MoFaya energy drinks to officials working on voting day.

While Mzansi was voting, was busy making sure that the voting officials were well taken care of. A video shared to his page showed the popular hit maker handing out chilled MoFaya drinks to the officials.

Everyone was left impressed by the selfless act, and he was hailed for it. It was even more appreciated that didn’t pay anyone to do it, but shared out the drinks himself. It is was not only called a good move, but also a good look for his brand.

There is no doubt that this is also a great way to market MoFaya. Of course, if the officials are energized, then the drinks are a sure deal. Many also called him a great example for what a good leader is.

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