DJ Sbu Replies Trevor Noah R33m Ad Critics

Radio star and businessman DJ Sbu has replied to the trolls who criticized Trevor Noah’s R33m Tourism ad.

Famous comedian and podcaster Trevor Noah has been getting slammed since his alleged R33m Tourism ad was announced. Many, including controversial music executive Nota Baloyi, have criticized him for it.

Apparently, famous businessman and radio host DJ Sbu believes he deserves all that and more. In his opinion, Trevor may have actually done Mzansi a favour. During a recent appearance on The Penuel Show, the famous hitmaker spoke up in support of the Grammys host and said that he is world-class and was doing the country a favour by helping promote it as a tourism destination.

He said,

“There is no basis for the criticism claiming that we are generating negative opinions, as it would prevent us from having the chance to appreciate Black Coffee.

“These individuals are not part of the government, and they are not obligated to extend any favours to us. Therefore, I believe it is unjust to criticise them. Trevor is world-class, he hosts the Grammys and associates with the crème de la crème.”

“I am definitely sure that bill would have been 10 times or 20 times more, but you can see that he was doing us a favour.”

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