DJ Sbu Roasted For Comment On Man Who Blew Over R500k on Booze

Some social media denizens have lashed out at DJ Sbu after he shared his thoughts on a man, Juboy Tukosha, who blew over R500k on booze.

According to the Mo Faya boss, who fancies himself an eternal hustler, he would have stayed at home and bought bitcoin and not splurged on alcohol.

It would have been just another statement about the hustler, except that DJ Sbu has been locked in a social media war with singer Zahara over unpaid royalties. Zahara, a one-time signed at the now-defunct TS Records, claims that the record label is owing her from the sale of her music.

Fans who believe Zahara’s claims had lashed out at DJ Sbu, urging him to pay Zahara and not give unsolicited advice about how someone should spend his money.

By the way, the Mo Faya boss recently announced plans to bringing cryptocurrencies to his hood. But some peeps were already suspicious, stating it could be a scam. He remains undeterred, insisting people need to unlearn and relearn.

Well, what do you think of DJ Sbu’s opinion on Juboy Tukosha and the reactions his opinion has elicited? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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