DJ Sbu Says He’s Swati

Fans of radio star and businessman DJ Sbu are shocked to learn he’s actually Swati.

DJ Sbu is one of the most famous people in SA. The renowned businessman has also been on the news a lot this year for several reasons. He recently charged himself to post a new video on his YouTube channel every day for one year.

In a new post, the DJ revealed his surname and shared that he’s actually Swati. His name is Sbusiso Leope. Sbu said in the video titled “5 Reasons Why You Should Move To South Africa.”

“I’m originally Swati as well, according to my biological father uNkosi, can you believe that? May his soul rest in peace and may Ntate Leope rest in peace, who brought me up … whom I regard as my father.” He stated how much he respects the man who married his mother.

“He basically brought me up after getting married to my moms. When he met my moms, my moms had already had me and he was like ‘no, this is gonna be my boy and I’m gonna bring him up’, and I’ll forever be grateful for the life Ntate Leope gave me,”

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