DJ Sbu Says South African Women Are the Most Beautiful in the World

The famous DJ Sbu Says South African women are the most beautiful women in the world.

Talk about being a cheerleader for the women in your country. DJ Sbu is certainly all for praising Mzansi women and crowning them the most beautiful in the world. The famous DJ and businessman weighed into the online debate of which women were the most beautiful in the world.

As expected, he listed some of the countries mentioned on social media but said they have nothing on women from South Africa. According to him, “No country comes close to all of you. That’s why ni’hlanyisa kanje.” Well, Mzansi is thrilled he’s supporting our women, but not everyone agrees with him.

Some tweeps have reacted to his opinions and mentioned that Kenyan and Ethiopian women were some of the finest in the world. According to them, Mzansi women aren’t more beautiful than those ones. Check the video out below.

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