DJ Sbu Shares His Big Scare Encounter With A KwaZulu-Natal Woman

South African media personal and disc jockey DJ Sbu has given an insight into an incident that almost ruined his life and freer a while back, During an appearance on Virtual Mkhuku. he had noted that a KwaZUlu-Natal lady almost ruined his life while he was at the pinnacle of his career at YFM.

According to the muso, the lady had approached him with the claim that they had a one-night stand and she became pregnant for him. She threatened to expose him to the media – something that would have ruined his reputation and career at the time because by default people believe whatever a lady claims out there.

Along the line, though, according to him, the lady later confessed that she was merely lying and had been forced to do what she did by her mother. Her family was apparently battling with poverty, and they thought blackmailing the muso was the best way to get money and get on with their lives.

DJ Sbu used his case as an example of how people’s lives get ruined by others, without the public getting to know the real story. Perhaps this might serve as a lesson to some people out there. Who knows?

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