DJ Sbu Speaks On Frenzy Over PRIME Energy Drink

South African disc jockey, producer and entrepreneur DJ Sbu has downplayed the recent scramble for PRIME energy drink in South Africa, noting there is actually nothing special about the drink and the rush for it.

PRIME, which is promoted by Logan Paul and another celebrity, has been around for a while – and expensive at the outset. However, when Checkers made it available for almost a fraction of the cost it was sold at other stores, many South Africans scrambled to get it.

The result was that the drink started trending on Twitter, with many South Africans making comparisons to MoFaya, another energy drink brand but owned by the local entrepreneur DJ Sbu. Some tweeps noted that they would rather buy local than join the scramble for PRIME.

Reacting to the whole frenzy, the Guinness Book of Records holder noted that it is nothing special about the drink – certainly, it is not something that will power your car or give you the Lotto numbers. He warned people to be mindful of being duped.

He also encouraged them to buy local and not go crazy over expensive foreign stuff that may not necessarily have value. You can check out the video below.

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