DJ Sbu Speaks On South Africans’ Preference For International Content Over Local

It appears South African entrepreneur DJ Sbu is not yet done addressing his compatriots and their preferences. Just recently, when PRIME energy drink, which is said to be in competition with his MoFaya brand, sold out at Checkers, he had dismissed the “Prime frenzy,” noting he is not in the same market as the Logan Paul-backed energy drink.

Well, the songster still has some words for his fellow South Africans, and he has no qualms about stating them out loud. He is clearly unimpressed with his compatriot’s obsession with foreign content in place of local content.

He made his opinions known in a clip shared by the popular Twitter user ThisIsColbert. He praised the initiative of Hlaudi Motsoaneng, the leader of the African Content Movement which aims to see 90 per cent of content generated locally while the rest might come from abroad.

According to DJ Sbu, Africans deserve everything coming their way if they should implement the 90 per cent local content championed by Hlaudi Motsoaneng. The local has to be supported. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, as not everyone is disposable to Hlaudi Motsoaneng’s ideas. You can check out the clip below.

It remains to be seen whether DJ Sbu’s dream will one day manifest.

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