DJ Sbu Speaks On Zahara’s Passing

One of the biggest tragedies in SOuth African entertainment this week was the news of th death of the singer Zahara. Expectedly, her compatriots have been sharing their thoughts abiyt her death, including DJ Sbu.

DJ Sbu speaking out is actually of great significance because many people are blaming him for the singer’s death even though he might have no direct links to her passing.

IN a clip currently making the rounds online, DJ Sbu denied he owes the late singer anything despite her having being signed to TS Records, a record label (now defunct) that he owned with his associate TK Nciza.

In the aud clip, though, he admitted that the songstress was going through some challenges, including in her health, pointing out that she was having issues with her liver. Unfortunately, it was;t properly managed and the singer died at the hospital on Decemeber 11. You can check out the post below.

She’d been rushed to the hospital days earlier, with her ailment kept under wraps. But wor started flying that she was experiencing severe liver failure and would need a transplant to stay alive. Sadly her fate unraveled too fast nd she left the earthly plane from her hospital bed – never again to thrill the world with her voice.

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