DJ Sbu Speaks On The Recent Craze Over Prime, Versus His Brand MoFaya

A debate is currently ongoing on Mzansi Twitter over the massive rush for the energy drink PRIME – a recent entrant into the South African market. Marketed by some celebs on social media, PRIME is marked more expensive – selling for R400 at some point – but it has not deterred people from consuming the American brand.

But the South African market also has MoFaya, an energy drink owned by local musician and entrepreneur Sibisiso Leop (long famous as DJ Sbu). While MoFaya has been in the market for years, it does not have the prestige that PRIME currently enjoys and only a few are ready to publicly identify with the brand.

This provoked a serious debate online, with some tweeps wondering why PRIME which is only a recent entrant and not a South African brand, should snag more interest and market share than a local brand that has been around for years.

Some tweeps even went as far as urging others to ditch other brands and stick to the one created by a local entrepreneur. You can check out some of the comments below.

Interestingly, DJ Sbu says he is not intimidated by the PRIME craze but is inspired. He insisted the brand is not even his competition.

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