DJ Sbu & Students Co-Found Online Radio Station

Serial entrepreneur and Guinness World Records holder DJ Sbu has opened an online radio station in collaboration with students on a training programme.

Home Grown Radio, said to be a sister station to Massive Metro, was founded in partnership with students who had trained under the I Was Born To Speak On Radio training programme.

by the way, the programme is still open and those who desire a life on radio can apply. If you’re looking for a life on radio, then this is your chance. The “Nakupenda” star has got a thing to share with you as a student. Go ahead and begin your journey.

of course, those who have been following DJ Sbu’s career trajectoey will not be surprised by the current move. The songster, who proudly calls himself a hustler, is always on the lookout for business opportunities, grabbing them as soon as he finds them. He combines the offices of a disc jockey, a producer, a radio show host and of course a soft drinks company owner. And he’s doing well in them all.

what do you think of DJ Sbu founding an online radio station in collaboration with students? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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