DJ Sbu & TK Nciza Of TS Records Dragged Over Zahara’s Death

Zahara’s sudden death is spewing into new drama involving her former record label executives DJ Sbu and TK Nciza. The songstress had sporadic battles with the duo over alleged non-payment of her royalties before her death.

Contrary to her claims, though, TS Records insisted that she got all her entitlements and that the record label owes her nothing. DJ Sbu himself affirmed the same on his own as an individual. It got so bad that DJ Sbu had to expose her alcoholism and ask her to seek help.

His action provoked many of the singer’s fans, who railed at him over it, insisting he owes her and should pay. The whole drama had died down when news broke of Zahar’s hospitalization. However, when news of her death broke soon after, DJ Sbu and TK Nciza were dragged once again, with some netizens blaming them for the singer’s death.

Some of the critics of the duo claimed that they took the singer from the village and made her sign a contract that she knew nothing about. The contract, they claimed, was exploitative and Zahara fell into depression and became an alcoholic after realizing the mistake she made by signing the contract.

Dj Sbu &Amp; Tk Nciza Of Ts Records Dragged Over Zahara'S Death 1Dj Sbu &Amp; Tk Nciza Of Ts Records Dragged Over Zahara'S Death 2

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