DJ Sbu Trolled By Tweeps For Looking ‘Dirty’

Tweeps troll Mzansi DJ and businessman DJ Sbu for looking “dirty.”

The criticism that celebrities face at the hands of trolls on social media can be a lot. Famous DJ and businessman is currently facing so much criticism from tweeps for his looks.

It all started when a screenshot of the Sbu went viral on Twitter. The screenshot was taken from his recent interview with American YouTube content creator Mansa Mayne on his award-winning YouTube channel “The Hustlers Corner SA.” While fans were impressed with the moves he’s been making, they could not help but point out his “homeless man” looks.

Sbu’s clothing in the video looks worn-out and his beards, as usual, look bushy. Several tweeps criticized his dreads claiming that he does not make an effort to take care of them.

A tweet wrote that the DJ “is not taking care of himself.” According to him, “we are supposed to be celebrating his black excellence, but he’s so untidy.” He also stated that the DJ is no longer professionalism nor setting an excellent example to the pioneers. Some tweeps defended the “Lengoma” star for his achievements and for rocking his dreads in a workplace. They slammed the critics for not being inspired by it.

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