DJ Shimza Caught A Delivery Driver Stealing His Food

Famous Afro DJ, says he caught a delivery driver eating his food.

It is crazy the things we hear on social media lately. Imagine ordering food, and the delivery driver eats some of it on the way while getting to it. Crazy right? Well, that’s what happened to DJ Shimza.

On February 1, the Afro star took to to announce that delivery drivers for UberEATS have found a way to steal the food. The famous DJ narrated how he ordered food, and the delivery man ate it on the way without actually delivering it.

He revealed that he had to call security at the gate not to let him out. The driver claimed canceled the delivery when he saw him passing his house. Mzansi is furious and some fans have also claimed to have gone through the same situations. Check out some of the comments below.

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