DJ Shimza Details Flight Scare

Travel by plane is often described as the safest – with no potholes and certainly no traffic jams. But turbulence during flight can some people pissing their pants and see bloody sinners repenting of their sins. Lol.

South African disc jockey and producer Shimsza has just given us a glimpse into this reality with his recent recall of a scary flight experience.

He detailed his experience during a recent interview, noting that he took a nap and when he woke up, he realised the plane he was in was shaking violently. People were scared and some were holding on to whatever.

At this point, his life flashed before him. Would the worst happen there and then? What will follow in the midst of such turbulence? Questions, Questions, Questions.

Luckily, the plane made it safely and Shimza can continue with his life and music, giving South Africans the bars they have also loved to hear.

The incident follows something similar by an older associate, Black Coffee, who had a plane accident while on a flight for a gig in Argentina. Bit men survived. The triumph is as much theirs as it is South South Africa’s. Both are important names in South African music.

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