DJ Shimza Dragged Over His Relationship With ANC’s Athi Geleba, K Naomi

South African musician DJ Shimxa has found himself in the middle of a new drama regarding his relationships, especially with ANC’s Athi Geleba. it is alleged that he started dating her when he was in a relationship with K Naomi. So, technically, he dated both ladies simultaneously.

The revelations seemingly began with local poet and anti-GBV advocate Ntsiki Mazwai claiming that DJ Shimza slept his way to the top. Netizens had done some digging and came up with the verdict that he was dating K Naomi and ANC’s Athi Geleba.

His relationship with K Naomi has since ended but ot appears like she still has some grudges against him. In his defence, DJ Shimza pointed out that he didn’t sleep with ANC’s Athi Geleba, insisting that she has been his girlfriend for the past 10 years. You can check out the posts below.

It is unclear what led to his breakup with K Naomi, but it is claimed that she had a breakdown of sorts after the celebrated DJ broke up with her, allegedly via email.

It is clear where the current drama will lead, but DJ Shimza would rather be left alone and not dragged into any controversies regarding his choices and relationships.

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