DJ Speedsta Describes Nasty C As Arrogant And ZMWSP Album As Crap 

When many across Mzansi and indeed across the world are fawning over Nasty C’s recently released “Zulu Man With Some Power” album, the muso’s compatriot DJ Speedsta has described it as malu droppings.

In a series of tweets which began on Thursday 10 September, the radio DJ and producer of the “Combos Communicating” fame lashed out at Nasty C for having become arrogant despite his humble beginnings.  He ultimately described the album as overhyped and shit.

Some fans thought Soeedsta’s outburst unnecessary and urged him to retract in order not to demean himself. DJ Speedsta held to his verdict on the album all the same. You can check screenshots of his rant below.

DJ Speedsta’s recent take on Nasty C’s project might surprised many, especially so as the pair had collaborated previously. DJ Speedsta had featured Nasty C on “Side Chick” alongside Aewon Wolf. Before then the pair had fought over ownership of the phrase “Bamm Bamm”

He ended up revealing he is working on a new project which he might call “Sotho Man With Some Power.”

Will Nasty C describes the album as trash when it drops? The coming weeks should reveal a lot. Stay tuned for updates, if you please.

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