DJ Speedsta’s Verdict on AKA’s Leaked “Iron Duke” Song

In case you missed it, AKA’s song “Iron Duke,” from the imminent “Bhovamania” EP, was leaked online days ago. AKA’s associate DJ Kaymo alleged leaked the song.

Reacting to the leak, radio DJ and producer Speedsta laughed out loud, stating that everything DJ Kaymo did, he (Speedsta) could have done with AKA’s previous project, “Touch My Blood,” because he was instrumental to its production.

He made this known in a recent tweet, which he has since deleted. Anyway, we managed to clip it from elsewhere and bring it to you.

By the way, some fans are unimpressed by claims the song was leaked without AKA’s permission. They insist the “Fela In Versace” rapper was privy to the leaking, perhaps based on his recent tweet forgiving DJ Kaymo “too soon.”

Initially, AKA had not wanted to include “Iron Duke” as part of his “Bhovamania” EP because, according to him, he didn’t vibe with the song. But fans mounted a campaign for him to include it – and he did.

And then the song leaked. Fans are chuffed to have their beans, their “Iron Duke.”

Well, what do you think about the leaking and DJ Speedsta’s reaction? You might want to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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