DJ Stokie Warned After Sharing Photos With Lady Zamar

South Africans appear to be looking out for local musician DJ Stokie as he seemingly begins a new relationship with compatriot and fellow musician Lady Zamar.

The public’s interest – and warning – followed a picture the DJ shared on his official Instagram page. In the picture, he could be seen standing next to Lady Zamar. The two of them had lavish smiles with their arms around each other.

Dara from the post indicated they were both at the Universal Music Group offices in South Africa. He not only tagged Lady Zamar to the post but also tagged Universal Music as well.

What was the point of the point? It was unclear, as the DJ left no details via a caption. However, some South Africans read a relationship into it, and they warned him to be careful.

Their concern stemmed from Lady Zamar’s disastrous relationship with Sjava. It was all good at the outset until they split and she went public with the claim that he sexually abused her and assaulted her in their relationship.

The claim reverberated across South Africa then and almost ruined Sjava’s career. Ultimately, though, her case was thrown out in court.

Well, time will tell what’s happening between her and DJ Stokie.

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