DJ Tira & DJ Zinhle go for a spin in his new luxurious car

DJ Tira took DJ Zinhle for a spin in his new car

DJ Tira acquires a luxurious new car and takes DJ Zinhle for a spin in it.

If you were DJ Tira, then buying luxurious cars would be nothing to you. You could very well have your pick of anything in the world and still not flinch. Definitely, it must be so much fun to be friends with someone as cool and accomplished as that.

Now imagine both DJ Tira and DJ Zinhle in the same place at once, that would be all shades of fun. Fortunately, we dont just have to imagine it, we cant see it first hand because DJ Zinhle just shared a video of both of them having all the fun in the world.

Apparently, the Afrotainment boss acquired a new car and took her for spin in it. She also revealed they vibed to her brand new song “Go”. We’d surely love to have friends as cool as those two.

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