DJ Tira Invites His Kids For A Music Video Shoot He Is Recording With His Phone

DJ Tira invites his kids to a music video shoot with his phone

DJ Tira invites his kids to a music video shoot he’s doing with his phone.

How are you spending your lockdown? With family, loved ones, or by yourself? We are out here wondering what you’re doing with your spare time because DJ Tira is shooting a music video with his. And no, there are no cameras or video directors like in the usual shoots, just him, his kids, and maybe his wife.

Did we also mention he’s doing it with his phone? Okay, we have now. Tira is shooting the music video for his song “Super Hero” with his smart phone, a Huawei P40 pro phone. The music video is reportedly going to feature his three kids and maybe his wife on the background.

Wouldn’t you want to see the finished work? We know we would. Tira has been in the news for a lot of reasons but it’s nice to see him relaxing with his family.

Let me shoot a music video using a cellphone 🤞🏿 I have this amazing Huawei P40 pro phone let me put it to work !!! #SuperHeroMusicVideo #StayAtHome #Day35ofLockdown

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