DJ Tira & NaakMusiq To Go Against Denis Onyango And Hlompho kekana For A Push-Up Challenge

July is almost here, and you know what, DJ Tira and Naakmusiq are preparing for war. Oh come on, this war is merely figurative and predisposes no one to the lobbing of grenade and discharging of Kalashnikovs.

No. what you have here is mere a pushup challenge that will pit soccer champs Denis Onyango and Hlompho Kekana against music champs DJ Tia and Naakmusiq.

Who will be the Push-Up Challenge on July 1? That’s what many out there are waiting to see. It is going to b a boring exercise, though, as sponsors Huawei has announced some goodies for those who care to predict.

According to the Chinese tech giant, fans who want to participate only have to predict by using the using #HuaweiWinterSale hashtag on Twitter. Those who predict correctly have a chance to win a #Huaweinova5T.

The price, #Huaweinova5T, is a smart watch that checks your heart rate, takes snapshots, as well as monitor your breathing.

Denis Onyango and Hlompho Kekana are sportsmen and apparently great choices for the promotion of the smart watch. Or what do you think?

By the way, the celebs involved in the push-up challenge have shared on their social media platforms that they are ready for what is to come. Are you?

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