DJ Tira Responds To Troll, Tells Him ‘Ts** nonke’

DJ Tira is not having any Troll get to him as he claps back at one who questioned his expertise as a DJ.

DJ Tira held a Live party session on the 18th of April 2020 which was aired on MTV Base, the DJ gave an electric performance of some of his songs, which got fans excited.

A particular user with the name DJ Techzi didn’t feel the DJ gave a worthy performance as he pointed out with a picture of the performance that the deck which the DJ appeared to be using wasn’t connected.

This didn’t go down well with DJ Tira as he claps back at the tweep stating that the user was not knowledgeable about setting up a deck/ mixer and should go back to school to get more knowledge about it.

See the post below;

Another user by the name @moshNT also shared the same sentiment about the DJ faking the live performance and just playing already recorded CDs.

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