Dj Tira Reveals His Fear Of Needles As He Gets Vaccinated

and hit maker, DJ Tira reveals his fear of needles as he gets the second dose the Covid vaccine.

Last year, the whole world came to a halt as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged countries. Lucky for us, the vaccine has altered everything, making it safer for people to reconnect, and for the world to slowly head back to normal.

After getting the first dose of the vaccine, DJ Tira revealed to fans that it could inspire a new song by him. He also urged them to get theirs, and help limit the spread of the virus.

A recent video shared to his sees him getting the second dose. He also reveals that he is afraid of needles, and joked that he is “officially a 5G crew”. He urged fans to bring all the theories. Tira has also slammed rumours that he was paid to tweet about the vaccine.