DJ Tira Serves Dj Tira’s Party Mix (Rockstar Forever Edition)

Afrotainment boss DJ Tira recently released an album. Now he’s released a mix to promote it, dubbed “DJ Tira’s Party Mix (Rockstar Forever Edition),” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

For fans who somehow didn’t listen to the champ’s recent project, the mix should very well compensate for that. So, no qualms.

It isn’t often that DJ Tira drops mixes. In fact, the mixes rarely drops so that many often forget he’s a DJ and a maestro at mixes, too. Anyway, he reaffirms his position as a mixing master with “DJ Tira’s Party Mix (Rockstar Forever Edition).”

This mix plays for a little over an hour and bears great entertainment value. In fact, you may think of it as the mix to get the party started. So, if you’re looking forward to an energizing musical break, you may want to look in the direction of the mix the “Ikhenani” champ has composed. You just might find you love it as much as we do.

What do you think of DJ Tira’s Party Mix (Rockstar Forever Edition)” and how would you rate it? You’re welcome to stream the mix below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Afrotainment presents Dj Tira's Party (Rockstar Forever Edition)

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