DJ Tira Shows Off His Shillings Stash In Tanzania

boss had a gig stint in recently and apparently had a good time and made good money.

Excited about his gig wins and the money, the songster had flashed his shillings on , mouthing a phrase of prayer for his fans this week … that they make a lot of money. You can check out his post below.

Even before he made his shillings and showed off online, had acknowledged the Tanzanian environment in the time of coronavirus and laughed at his home country South Africa which is still under lockdown.

is not on lockdown. In fact, not only is the country not on lockdown, some officials in government are claiming the country is coronavirus free.

Tira & Ommy Dimpoz In Tanzania

Tira showing off his wins is nothing new in the industry. Other artistes do the same now and then. It is “show” business, after all.

By the way, on his visit to Tanzania, DJ Tira had met with some of the country’s top entertainment figures, including the “Kata” hitmaker Ommy Dimpoz. Will the pair collaborate in the future? We can’t tell. But if they should drop something, we would share it with y’all here on UbeToo. Stay tuned

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