DJ Tira’s Afrotainment Set To Host Marquee At Durban July

Afrotainment Will Host A Marquee At Durban July To Celebrate 10 years Of Existence

Tira’s label set to host marquee at Durban to celebrate 10 years of its establishment.

Yayyy! Tira’s record label is turning 10 years old, and they are celebrating in a really big way. There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching something you built from the ground up become huge and grow stronger as the years pass by.

That’s exactly how popular Mzansi disc jockey, feels right now. The highly acclaimed hitmaker is credited to have discovered and aided in the rise of some of the biggest names in the SA music industry through his amazing label, Afrotainment.

Now, he’s celebrating 10 years of its establishment and he wants fans to be a part of it. Taking to , he shared clips from the last Marquee held at Durban 2019 with the caption,

“Ten years of Afrotainment Durban July marquee. Saturday, 4 July 2020. Packages on sale. Durban July 2020 theme will be announced this coming Monday.”

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