DJ Vettys Battles With COVID-19

DJ Vettys shares recent battle with Covid-19

DJ Vettys reveals his recent battle with in new post.

The pandemic has brought about a difference in the world we live in. Nothing has been the same since the life-threatening virus hit the streets and spread from continent to continent.

For a while now, Mzansi has been on lockdown as has many other countries but some still find it hard to believe that the virus is real. All the reports about how much it has claimed lives seem to not do enough to convince many. Now, one of Mzansi’s DJs is detailing his recent story as its victim.

Taking to his page, he shared a video of himself telling his followers about it. It was also confirmed by his close friend, who revealed that all he can do for him is pray. You should see it for yourself. Remember to wash your hands, wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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