DJ Warras Reveals His Salary at Gagasi FM

DJ Warras has revealed his salary at Gagasi FM amid Penny Ntuli’s departure and salary drama.

Social media has been abuzz since Penny Ntuli’s jaw-dropping revelation about her salary at Gagasi FM. Some fans also wondered how much DJ Warras earned while he was with the radio station.

Mzansi was stunned when the former Live Amp presenter revealed how much he earned while he was there. He co-hosted “That Drive”  with Nomalanga Shozi after his return in 2019.

The DJ was asked about it by X app user @Sanele_Ts, who wrote,

“How much were you earning there, dawg? I know you’re very transparent, dude.”

Replying, he revealed he earned R2,800 per hour. Mzansi reacted, saying he was wealthy.

Penny Ntuli had shared that she was offered R2,800 for her contract to be renewed. She said,

“I felt insulted, but I calmed down and went back to the management to ask them to review my salary. With that money, I will not be able to do anything. I asked how I would feed my family because they were all looking at me. I have decided to ask them not to renew my contract this year.”

“I didn’t give up because I found something better, and I didn’t stop because I don’t love it anymore. Every person who knows me knows how much I love broadcasting and Gagasi FM.”

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