DJ Warras Takes Down Offensive Tweet About Child Grant After #DJWarrasmustfall Trends

DJ Warras nearly got his personality murdered on twitter, due to an insensitive post he made concerning the child grant issue.

users started a DJ Warras must fall hashtag trend after the DJ posted an offensive tweet concerning the government increasing the child grant by R 500 to cushion the effect of the lockdown on families.

Tweeps saw the DJ’s tweet as uncalled for and insensitive, as the DJ was only talking as a privileged person and most families needed the support from the government to pull through with the lockdown.

DJ Warras has now deleted the offensive post and tried to clear himself from the obvious personality lynch that was about to happen to him on the platform.

See the post below;

Warras @Shady_Lurker · Apr 21
I have since deleted the tweet as the point I was making was not understood. I was trying to make a point about absentee fathers who leave single mothers & the state to bare the responsibility of raising their children.

users these days are quick to tear anyone’s personality limb for limb upon any offensive remark. Simphiwe Dana also had a fair share of the twitter personality crushing recently.

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