DJ Wobbly Accuses ‘RHOD’ Annie Mthembu’s Husband, Kgolo “Da Guru” Mthembu Of Non-payment

SA reacts as DJ Wobbly accuses RHOD star Annie Mthembu’s husband, Kgolo “Da Guru” Mthembu, of not paying him for services rendered.

You will agree with us that the year started with so much drama. DJ Wobbly recently took to his Instagram page to accuse Kgolo “Da Guru” Mthembu, husband of reality star Annie Mthembu, of non-payment for services rendered since August last year. He revealed he had to move back in with his mother.

He wrote, “Since August, I’ve been playing at these establishments, and I haven’t gotten paid, and what frustrates me the most is that no one is saying anything for me.”

“I couldn’t do anything for my daughter, got evicted from my apartment, and couldn’t invest in my career. I have pulled up for you, and you haven’t had the decency to call me. Please, pay me, and let’s part ways!”

“It hurts me to do this, but I’ve tried to get answers about my payments. Ten years working together, and no decency to call me? This has messed up my mental state; I clearly don’t mean jack to you for you to not pay me. I can’t start this year feeling worthless.”

Mzansi has sympathized with him and adviced him to sue Kgolo.

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