DJ Zan D Apologizes To Okmalumkoolkat For Excluding Him From His Top 5 Lyricists List

DJ Zan D has apologized to Okmalumkoolkat for excluding him from his list of the Top 5 lyricists in South Africa.

Whenever artists share their list of Top 5 lyricists or rappers in the country, it leads to a debate among fans. This time, DJ Zan D was caught in the crossfire. The star listed famous rappers like Pro Kid, Proverb, Stogie T, Reason, and Kwesta in his Top 5. But fans were furious that he noticeably excluded Okmalumkoolkat, who is known for his lyricism and style.

Reacting to the backlash, Zan D said, “I never cared about top bani-bani lists, but I think now I kinda understand who gets on those lists and who doesn’t. I am a scholar of Hip Hop and Rap, and from what I understand about rhythm and poetry, the main thing is originality and reliability. I cover both by miles compared to my peers. So, I would like to know from the comments below. What makes a dope lyricist in a South African context since we are in Msawawa?”

He later returned with a reply, saying his respects Okmalumkoolkat profusing, “He is one of the greatest to ever do it. I’ve apologized about my statement to him directly, and we have addressed the situation. I won’t be replying to each and every one about this matter any further. Lesson learned: We need to narrate and document our culture accurately to avoid confusion and misinformation in future,”

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