DJ Zinhle and AKA’s Daughter Kairo Forbes Alleged Influencer Earnings Revealed

It is the social media era where people can actually make a fortune from just being famous. Well, South African disc jockey and singer DJ Zinhle’s daughter, Kairo Owethu Forbes, is reportedly making a killing from being an influencer online.

The seven-year-old, who recently travelled with her mother and grandmother to New York, reportedly makes R18k from posting a single ad on her Instagram page, where she has an impressive fanbase of 1,3 million people.

Kairo is the result of an amorous relationship between DJ Zinhle and AKA, a rapper who was assassinated on February 10 this year soon after he stepped out of Wish Restaurant with his cronies on Florida Road in Durban.

Wherever he is at the moment – assuming the dead could see the living – he would undoubtedly be impressed that his daughter is pushing pluckily ahead and making good money for herself.

The revelation of how much Kairo Fornes earns from her influencing gig was made by E News Mzansi. It claimed that the kid charges brands R18k for each post on her Instagram page.

Well, if that is true and she keeps growing her fanbase, she would end up a millionaire in no time – any mother’s dream. Stay tuned.

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