DJ Zinhle Fires Back at Trolls Accusing Her of Using Kairo To Chase Clout: “Stop Doing Too Much”

South African singer and reality show host DJ Zinhle is miffed that people should think she is using her first daughter Kairo Forbes to chase clout. The “Uzobuya” singer faces sporadic criticisms over her relationship with Kairo Forbes following her father’s assassination on February 10.

The songstress has been doing everything within her power to bond well with the kid, even recently sharing a clip of them together, with a little teary Kairo sharing that she missed her daddy.

The video of her supposing comforting Kairo provoked the latest wave of criticisms against her and claims that she is clout-chasing. In her response to the claims, she made it clear that in that particular clip, she was playing with her daughter and not comforting her. The comforting was of a different scenario.

She made this known in a recent tweet on her official Twitter page, asking those behind the clout-chasing claims to “Stop doing too much.” You can find the tweet below.

Dj Zinhle Fires Back At Trolls Accusing Her Of Using Kairo To Chase Clout: “Stop Doing Too Much” 2

The songstress had previously been criticised for getting her daughter on stage and allowing her to perform AKA’s song “Company.” From the look of things, the criticisms will not stop anytime soon. Such is the life of the celeb.

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