DJ Zinhle & Kairo Forbes Support Nadia Nakai At Previdar Magazine Launch

MZansi rapper Nadia Nakai was the cover girl of Previdar magazine recently, and the LGBTQ publication invited her to the launch. Of course, she showed up. Of particular interest to many South Africans was that DJ Zinhle and Kairo Forbes were also on the ground to support her.

It was a charming moment and pretty symbolic. All three ladies are bound by a common pain and have been supporting themselves the way they saw fit. what binds them all is Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, the South African rapper who was assassinated recently.

The “Fela in Versace” rapper was shot dead as he stepped out of Wish Restaurant in Durban in the company of some of his associates, one of whom was killed with him.

Before his death, AKA had dated DJ Zinhle, with whom he had Kairo Forbes. When they split, AKA had dated someone else and finally started dating Nadia Nakai. She would remain his lover until his gruesome morning on February 10 this year.

So all three ladies share a common bond, and Kairo and Mum showing up for Nadia Nakai is in no way surprising. Pictures of that convivial evening are still flying all over MZansi. You can take a look.

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