DJ Zinhle Makes Interesting Claim About Her Husband Mörda

The past few weeks have been riddled with controversies for South African music DJ Zinhle, as tweeps have been accusing her of posting the family of her former lover AKA and not her immediate family, including her husband Murdah Bongz. So peeps were somewhat intrigued when she popped online to sing the prayer of the former Black motion member.

But does her recent words have anything to do with the criticism of her recent actions? It is hard to tell. One thing is clear, though. He singing the praise of her husband wasn’t exactly direct. A fan of Murdah Bongz had listened to a bit from the musician and was so impressed that she described it as a work of genius.

That was where Dj ZInhle popped in. She retweeted the post with a comment reaffirming with the fan had posted. The “Uzobuya” singer was of the view that her husband is indeed a musical genius. You can check out the tweet below.

Dj Zinhle Makes Interesting Claim About Her Husband Mörda 2

DJ Zinhle previously dated AKA. They broke up twice and then AKA had looked elsewhere for a relationship. DJ Zinhle herself had done the same, starting a love relationship with Murdah Bongz, with whom she now has a daughter.

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