DJ Zinhle Reacts To Backlash Over Not Knowing How To Cook

A lot of people place emphasis on a lady’s ability to cook. But there are those who just don’t care and would rather stick with a woman they love, whether she can cook or not.

This is likely the reality of South African musician Murdah Bongz, whose wife DJ Zinhle is being made fun of online because she cannot cook.

The whole drama started after her first daughter Kairo Forbes spoke in a TikTok video, pointing out that her mother doesn’t cook for her; she merely loves to prepare breakfast and eggs.

She didn’t deny not knowing how to cook, though. But fans made a big deal out of her inability to cook, laughing her to scorn, as you can see from the comments to the clip below.

She appears unbothered by the criticisms, though. Instead, she put out a tweet, asking those who can teach her to do so. She would rather learn in the comfort of her home, though. She and her daughter would likely learn together. Her tweet follows.

Dj Zinhle Reacts To Backlash Over Not Knowing How To Cook 2

Many of her followers were pleased with how graciously she admitted her lack of skills in the kitchen and also her willingness to learn. Seems like the way to go.

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