DJ Zinhle Reacts To Claims She Did A Boob Job

Has South African musician DJ Zinhl done breast augmentation? Many South Africans are convinced that indeed she has. Their verdict followed the “Uzobuya” muso sharing a picture of herself sitting on a railing outdoors, sporting a top that revealed the vast gash of her cleavage.

Tweeps were taken aback by the picture because, as far as they are concerned, the boobs staring at them from that picture were way larger and firmer than what they are used to. She must have gone under the knife to achieve such boobs according to them.

To push forward the message that she has gotten new boobs, one Twitter user shared an old picture of the singer showing her chest region, and a more recent picture of her showing the same area. In the first picture, her boobs were smaller but larger in the second one.

Reacting to the tweet about her titty transformation, DJ Zingle wrote in Zulu, “Ngithe ngiwathandazele,” which roughly translates to “I prayed for them.” Three laughing emojis indicated that she was facetious and might have indirectly admitted that she indeed did breast augmentation.

Dj Zinhle Reacts To Claims She Did A Boob Job 2

But until she addresses that clearly, MZansi will just continue its guessing game. Can you beat that?

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