DJ Zinhle Reacts To Scammer Using Her Image To Sell Beauty Products

Social media streets are pretty wild and crazy. You need not be a celebrity to notice this. Celebrities are almost always at the receiving end of this “craziness.”

Their accounts are often cloned, pages opened in their names to dilute traffic from the real thing, and sometimes to scam unsuspecting members of the public. It appears DJ Zinhle is the latest victim of account cloning.

You are probably aware DJ Zinhle, one of South Africa’s most loved celebrities, is particular about her hair, which is made to perfection all the time. However, she is not your hair merchant. She has not really delved into the industry.

Not many know this. So many thought she was the brains behind a Facebook page selling hair and other beauty products, a page named after her, and using her image: “DJ Zinhle Beauty.”

When she found out, she denounced the page on Twitter, describing it as a scam and calling on the public to be wary of it. She clarified she doesn’t sell hair on Facebook or anywhere for that matter.

By the way, she has promoted beauty products on her Instagram account previously. Could this be why some peeps thought she was behind the Facebook page?

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