DJ Zinhle Reacts To Trending Video Of “Her” And American Singer Usher

South African musician and entrep[reneur DJ Zinhle has clapped back at trolls over a trending clip that showed “her” having a steamy moment with American singer Usher on camera. In the said clip “she” was flirty with the songster.

However, reacting to the clip and claims that she disrespected her husband, Murdah Bongz, by her actions, the mother of two dismissed it all, claiming that she was not the lady in the clip – just a lookalike. But then it appears her “haters” want to set an agenda.

She wondered how “desperate” some people can be, but she encouraged them still to go ahead and make her trend. You can check out her post below.

Murdah Bongz himself appears indifferent to the whole drama. At the time his wife was trending for allegedly kissing a celebrated musician, the songster himself was having a good time dancing and entertaining his fans.

Since DJ Zinhl ND Murdah Bongz got together years ago, several Attempts have been made to toss them asunder, with some tweeps wondering why he should settle for a baby mama. He has never listened to them but continues his relationship with her.  Well, that seems like the way to go

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