DJ Zinhle Reveals Her Mom Shares the Same Birthday With AKA

Mzansi is touched as DJ Zinhle reveals that her mom shares the same birthday with AKA.

DJ Zinhle has been a pillar of strength for her family since AKA passed, and she doesn’t get enough credit for it. She has held her daughter up and showed up for the Forbes family in many ways.

On 28 January, fans all over the country celebrated what would have been the late rapper’s 36th birthday. Zinhle, Kairo Forbes, Nadia Nakai, and Supa Mega’s parents, Lynn and Tony Forbes, visited his grave. They paid tribute to the rapper by releasing 36 biodegradable balloons into the sky at the request of his daughter, Kairo.

Zinhle also did not forget to celebrate her mom, who also shares the same birthday with the late rapper. She shared a picture of her holding her granddaughter Asante and wrote,

“Happy birthday to my amazing mom ❤️ Happy birthday sis’ Jabu. I love you so much!!!”

The post got a reaction from Tony Forbes, who wrote,

“Happy birthday aunty, God bless you, thank you for having been there for us as Forbes family ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Fans were stunned that AKA and Zinhle’s mom share the same birthday. They wished her well and praised her for raising an iconic daughter.

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