DJ Zinhle Talks Surviving An Accident This Festive Period

Of particular interest for most people this festive season is their safety, as well as the safety of their friends and loved ones. Some people even make it a point to be extra careful during this period so no one gets to mourn during a time that was supposed to be celebratory.

But then, as is often the case, the unexpected and unwanted happens. That was exactly the case with South African singer and entrepreneur DJ Zinhle recently. In a post on her official Instagram page (story), the mother of two had shared images from an accident she had.

By her own account, she had a burst tyre and narrowly escaped something fatal. Of course, she is grateful to have survived that moment. You can check out the images below.

Dj Zinhle Talks Surviving An Accident This Festive Period 1

Since the news of her surviving an accident broke, fans have been sharing their best wishes with her, letting her know that they are happy she came out of it in one piece. Indeed, another tragedy is something South Africa’s entertainment universe cannot afford right now. The industry has had a bad year in terms of deaths.

Well, happy survival DJ Zinhle, and see you in the New Year 2024. Some solidarity.

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