DJ Zinhle To Take Her Kids Off Social Media Due To Cyberbullying

DJ Zinhle shocks fans as she reveals plans to take her kids off social media as a result of incessant cyberbullying.

DJ Zinhle has gotten so much heat this year, and a lot of it has also been transferred to her daughter, Kairo. Trolls have not cared much about their family being in mourning but have constantly dragged them on social media.

In an interview with Sunday World to promote the forthcoming 3rd season of her show “DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected,” which premieres on Saturday on BET Africa (DStv channel 129), she spoke about intentionally spending time with Kairo.

“I work so much. In the past, I would always make time or space for her in my environment. I realized how boring that is for her, so I am trying to spend time with her in her world. We now do a lot of the stuff that she wants. I’ve even started skating with her, which is something she enjoys,” she said.

She also opened up about the effects of social media on the kids and her plans going forward. “We believe Kiernan has been trying to communicate with us, and we are gradually taking the kids off social media. The ideal situation for me would be to take them off completely.”

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