DJ Zinhle’s Kitchen Appliance Request Cause Buzz on Social Media

DJ Zinhle post on seeking donations for kitchen appliance has gone wild on Twitter!

Popular DJ and businesswoman, has just completed her second home. Now, it looks like the talented DJ has forgotten how furnishing the whole can be expensive.

In 2017 when moved into the first home she built, she had decorated the in a way that got people fascinated.

is a high-class lady that likes to use unique products but spending so much on kitchen appliances may sound ridiculous to her!

is a skilled interior decorator who even has her own home brand. This shows that she is versatile in the area of interior decoration.

The DJ took to social media to express her concern over the ridiculous price of kitchen appliances in the market.

DJ Zinhle wrote:

“I need kitchen appliances for my new house… They are so expensive. I’m taking donations.”

The musician’s fans have replied to her posts in a fun way, attempting to help their star! DJ Zinhle’s page ran wild as people posted amusing comments, sharing pictures of their ‘Lakhrusethe’ pots and ‘SMEG’ appliances.

The popular DJ recently headlined the inaugural Red Bull Music Studious Cape Town Live that took place last week Thursday.

The multi-talented artist took to her social media page to write:

Just spoke to God and apparently 2020 is mine too.

The artist who won the Song of the Year 2019 award for her hit track ‘Umlilo’ is proving that 2020 is definitely her year!