DJ Zinhle’s Masks For Kids & Adults Sell Out In 3 Days

Within three days of release, DJ Zinhle’s Jireh masks have sold out. Given the social standing of the singer and DJ, perhaps this should surprise no one.

The masks were developed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic in collaboration with Jireh Wellness and were sold through the health company’s website,

The masks had two versions, one for kids and one for adults. The Kiddies mask, which comes in blue, yellow, and black, retails for R149 (2 pieces) The masks for adults, called DJ Zinhle This Girl Can, after the celeb behind it, retails for R129.99 (two pieces).

DJ Zinhle promoted the masks, which are made of polyurethane materials, massively on her Instagram page. When she sold out, she thanked her fans for their support and promised to restock.

So if you fancy her brand and have been looking forward to acquire masks from it, you may have to wait a bit. When they restock, we are going to let you know right here at UbeToo. You may as well check the Jireh Wellness website from time to time.

Clearly, DJ Zinhle is not only winning on the music circuit but in the business world as well. Who says business acumen does’t pay?

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