DJ Zinhle’s New Bae Revealed

That DJ Zinhle and AKA are no longer an item is no longer news. But whereas the public is familiar with AKA’s new bae, that of DJ Zinhle has remained a subject of speculation. Who is he? Who could he be?

DJ Zinhle has been circumspect about addressing the subject. However, she has been giving hints about who he is. Now, it appears fans have been able to piece the puzzle together. They have presented a name. But who is he? Come along.

Of late DJ Zinhle has been posting pictures of flower gifts from an unnamed friend, who she addresses simply as “my baby.”

On Mother’s Day, the same mysterious person sent her another bouquet of flowers, which she posted on her Instagram stories with the caption “thank you Baby.” Another bouquet of flowers followed days later. This time, DJ Zinhle shared the flowers on her Instagram stories with the caption “MB.”

A source said the “MB” stood for MurdahBongz, one of the members of the South African band Black Motion. Of course DJ Zinhle has neither confirmed nor denied this.

The songstress recently revealed her desire to have another baby. Woolf MurdahBongz be the baby daddy? Time will tell.

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